World Gazette 5/11/11

Japan, outside Sapporo: Earlier today, an airliner carrying 214 people crashed into a hillside. The local citizens rallied and braved the fire to aid the victims. One local man even rushed through the burning fusillage to rescue an injured pilot from the cock pit. Over 32 passenger were saved due to the courage of local heroes.

Greece, just north of Athens: General Ambrose lead a book burning today in a small village north of Athens. He delivered a speech encouraging the purgin of heretical texts, and insinuated threats against the teachers of Greece.

Sean Augustine performed outside of Buneos Aires today, pledging his support not only to the Argentinian government, but “to all the nations in Africa suffering from civil strife, and violent malcontents.”

President Alexander Warren delivered another speech today regarding the governments new zero tolerance party regarding organized crime and the gaming industry. He declared at the end of the speech “I would rather see every gambling institution razed to the ground than see a single one of those monsters make a dime of profit.”

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