Isandró Marcos

Argentine Revolutionary and Sun God


Perception 6 Epic 2
Strength 3 Epic 1
Appearance 5 Epic 3
Intelligence 5 Epic 2
Dexterity 5 Epic 2
Manipulation 5 Epic 4
Wits 5 Epic 0
Stamina 3 Epic 2
Charisma 8 Epic 5
Willpower 6 Legend Rating 9
Duty 2
Valor 3
Conviction 3
Endurance 2
Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Command 3 Spec., Empathy 4, Fortitude 3 Spec., Integrity 3 Spec., Larceny 3, Marksmanship 4 Spec., Medicine 1, Melee 3, Presence 4 Spec., Survival 3 Spec.



Pied Piper-
Divine Figurehead-
Preach On-
Inspiring Figure-

Serpent’s Gaze-
Compelling Presence-

Shock Wave-

Cat’s Grace-
Divine Balance-

Overt Order-
Instant Hypnosis-
Implant False Memory-
Secondhand Persuasion-

Hear Prayers-
Spatial Attunement-


(Penetrating Glare)- 0 Cost, can see through things like murky water, fog smoke, low light levels. Not through complete darkness.

(Divine Radiance)- 1 Cost, Can emit light either as far as a light bulb, or focus it into an intense beam anywhere I choose. Can spark flammable objects.

(Heavenly Flare)- 1 Cost, Appearance+Presence, Concentrate for 1 action to build up and release a burst of sunlight, enemies roll opposed Stam+Fort roll, if they fail they are inactive for 1 tick, plus they receive a minus 3 penalty on actions numbering up to my legend of 9.

(Flare Missile) – 1 Cost per missile, Can turn my bullets into bullets made of pure sunlight,
does lethal damage based on my legend added to the damage roll’s results before soak, has piercing.

(Burn)- 1 Willpower 1 Legend Cost, Skin radiates immense heat for one scene, doing lethal damage equal to my legend to a person if they touch my skin. Fire resistance does not apply.
(Solar Prominence)- Appearance+Presence, 3 Cost, Concentrate for 1 turn, I turn off all electronics for 5 seconds per dot of legend, and 1 yard per each success on the roll. The AOE travels with me.

(Solar Chariot AKA my badass whip)- Strength+Control, 1 Cost per 200lbs., I summon a chariot of fire with white horses to guide me across the sky as I burn the earth to death. Awesome. Lasts until sundown.

(Inexorable Gravity)- Strength+Presence, 5 or 10 Cost, 5 Cost- Everything within a radius equal to my legend cannot move away from me. I can use this to negate actual gravity, stopping projectiles coming at me, or even halt someone from falling. 10 Cost- I can specify my targets, allowing my allies or projectiles I fire the ability to move. I can also pull individuals towards me at one yard per strength dot I have per tick.


Born in 1969 in the city of Cordoba, Argentina to a father who worked as a prosecutor and a mother who was a teacher at a local high school, there was no limit to what Isandró Marcos could have done with his life. He would often go to court with his father, he enjoyed watching his father work. As a child, Marcos displayed preternatural gifts for being able to lead his fellow classmates and influence others, often convincing the teacher that more time for recess was required. In 1976, a right-wing coup overthrew the government of Argentina. Marcos’ father was a known and feared liberal lawyer, giving rise to plots against his life. On the 3rd of May, 1979, masked men broke into Marcos’ home, killing his father and mother. Marcos hid inside of the family’s washing machine to survive. When the morning broke, he grabbed as much food and clothing as he could, and at the age of 10 he trekked out to the jungle alone. After spending weeks in the jungle fending for himself, at the point of starvation at times, he was found and picked up by a group of Marxist rebels who took him in, fed him, and clothed him in oversized military uniforms. Marcos in turn repaid the rebels by running errands and doing things like laundry for the soldiers. The rebels repaid Marcos in kind by teaching him, many of the rebels were professors or teachers before the coup so they made sure that Marcos received a proper education. Marcos grew up as an ardent believer in socialism. He believed that that theory embodied the best that mankind could eventually become. Marcos was undaunted in his belief that humanity could progress positively to that point in time, and he was willing to do anything to make it so. At age 14 he began his physical training with the guerillas. Marcos and his guerillas made their way from country to country, fighting against corporate expansion and exploitation, governmental corruption, state sponsored terrorism, and unequal wealth distribution, and fighting for the rights of the poor, the rights of workers, and the ultimate cause of socialism. In 2011, Marcos is currently stationed in Venezuela, having become Comandante of his group of elite Marxist guerillas. His connection to his Godly aspect, the Sun, comes from his birthplace of Argentina, itself a nation that is said to have the Sun’s favor, and from his ability to act as a beacon of hope for those that follow him. Marcos attempts to use his inner light to lead people to a better tomorrow, to inspire men and women to great acts, to encourage them to be paragons of duty, valor, resilience and conviction, and when push comes to shove he does not shy away from using his abilities against those who would try to harm his followers or destroy or erode his ideals and his way of life if necessary. Marcos would prefer not to have to use his Godly abilities. He would rather use his force of will and oratory to gain new followers and convince his enemies to join him.

Isandró Marcos

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