The Great Father

The father of Gods


The Great Father was the monolithic divinity for long ages of man. Now, at the twilight of his existence, he selects new heirs to his power.

In addition to the godly powers he used to form his creation, the Great Father has developed six powers that are tied so intrinsically to this earth that they can no longer be simply possessed by a single divinity. he has employed six high priest to ministrate these forces in his absence.

Each of them acts as a gatekeeper to a realm of the Great Father’s most primal aspects.

As the Great Father’s might wanes, it seems that he is less able to minister the needs of his creation. This might explain the current state of the world, including the actions of men like General Alex Ambrose, or the inactive, ineffective American government run by President Alexander Warren. only time will tell whether this new brood of gods can sustain his creation, or whether they’ll simply watch it tumble into madness.

The Great Father

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