the Format

This one is going to follow kind of a weird format. My current plan is to give each of you a minor action, a major action, and a worshipper action each day. At 8 pm, I’ll check the inbox of my e-mail, or facebook, or text, however you want to get in touch with me, and respond to your action. Then I’ll look at any actions that should be public knowledge and come up with a list of headlines that any of the characters can ask me about. That should go out by midnight, but I’ll definately have it sent by the time that you are declaring your actions for the next day.

Major actions are your godly designs. If you want to cure leppers on Boston commons, or push over the eiffel tower, thats a major action. You can expend your major action for two additional minor actions. Major actions are the only ones that will earn you worshippers.

The minor actions are things your character as a mortal can do. Researching your enemies, addressing the congregation of your followers, generic vigilante patrols are all considered minor actions. You will rarely if ever acrue divine glory or worshippers from it.

Worshipper actions can be taken by assigning worshipper points. You’ll gain worshippers for the divine actions your character participates in. They recycle at the start of the turn, and the only thing that can erode them permanently would be an ingame event or an opposing player taking action against you.

We will be meeting up over the summer and next semester for street level adventures when it’s possible, but I enjoy games that focus on the day to day lives and conflicts of the characters. You’ll all be playing in a world that’s as real and moving as I can make it, but the plot is in your hands. No adventure hooks, no defined quests. There will be an overbeing to smack you all if someone gets out of hand, but that’s going to be lenient at best.

For purposes of effects, one week real world is considered a “story”, one day real time will be considered a “turn”.


Expanded Character Creation Rules

The key differences between core character creation and my game is as follows:

  1. Players receive only 5 dots of epic boons and attributes at each tier, not 10
  2. Players will start at 9 legend, not 2
  3. Players receive all of the potential boons in a speicific purview for free.
  4. The only additional purviews players may invest in a character creation are magic, mystery and prophecy.
  5. You may wait until the god tier to spend the 45 bonus points available to you.
  6. Power gamers and min maxers will be mocked.

Any of you should be able to edit the character example, god of templates. In his crunch section you should be able to copy paste a template to enter your stats into Obsidian. if you’d rather, you can e-mail me your stats and I’ll enter them myself.

If you’re building a character on your own and you’re wondering what is and isn’t taken, the established Pantheon is here